Varieties generated by completely 0-simple semigroups (Russian)

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From the introduction (translated from the Russian): "Identities of completely 0-simple semigroups have been studied in a number of papers. Fundamental difficulties in studying identities of such semigroups are connected with the fact that the completely simple semigroups do not form a variety of semigroups, nor does there exist a variety consisting only of completely 0-simple semigroups.
"Let G be an arbitrary semigroup variety of groups. We denote by VarCS0(G) the variety generated by all completely 0-simple semigroups over groups of the variety G.
"In the first section we describe regular semigroups of varieties VarCS0(G) (Theorem 1). In Section 2 we use this result to solve a problem of the finite basability of identities for the varieties VarCS0(G) (Theorem 2).''
Original languageRussian
Pages (from-to)53-62
Number of pages10
JournalSemigroups and their homomorphisms
StatePublished - 1991

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