Vertebral Pneumatocyst. A Case Report

Lia Laufer, Hanna Schulman, Yancu Hertzanu

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    Study Design. This study illustrates intraosseous pneumatocyst of the vertebral body, a benign lesion. Objectives. To review the incidence and location of this benign lesion during a 1-year period. Summary of Background Data. Intraosseous pneumatocyst is a rare benign condition, commonly seen in iliac bone or sacrum. The etiology of this entity is unclear. Other locations of these lesions are very rare, and only a few isolated cases are reported in the literature. Methods. In the last year (1994-1995), vertebral pneumatocyst was incidentally found in four patients who underwent computed tomography examination for presumptive discal lesion. Axial computed tomography with 2- and 4-mm slice thickness was performed. Results. The typical computed tomography patterns of intraosseous pneumatocyst involving the cervical, dorsal, or lumbar spine were found. The bony structure and joints were normal. To the best of our knowledge, intraosseous pneumatocyst located in the spinal process has not been reported. Conclusions. Intraosseous pneumatocyst is a benign lesion. Biopsy and follow-up are unnecessary.

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    StatePublished - 1 Feb 1996


    • Computed tomography
    • Intraosseous gas
    • Intraosseous pneumatocyst
    • Vacuum phenomenon
    • Vertebral pneumatocyst

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