Visualization of frequent temporal patterns in single or two populations

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Temporal knowledge discovery in clinical problems, is crucial to investigate problems in the data science era. Meaningful progress has been made computationally in the discovery of frequent temporal patterns, which may store potentially meaningful knowledge. However, for temporal knowledge discovery and acquisition, effective visualization is essential and still stores much room for contributions. While visualization of frequent temporal patterns was relatively under researched, it stores meaningful opportunities in facilitating usable ways to assist domain experts, or researchers, in exploring and acquiring temporal knowledge. In this paper, a novel approach for the visualization of an enumeration tree of frequent temporal patterns is introduced for, whether mined from a single population, or for the comparison of patterns that were discovered in two separate populations. While this approach is relevant to any sequence-based patterns, we demonstrate its use on the most complex scenario of time intervals related patterns (TIRPs). The interface enables users to browse an enumeration tree of frequent patterns, or search for specific patterns, as well as discover the most discriminating TIRPs among two populations. For that a novel visualization of the temporal patterns is introduced using a bubble chart, in which each bubble represents a temporal pattern, and the chart axes represent the various metrics of the patterns, such as their frequency, reoccurrence, and more, which provides a fast overview of the patterns as a whole, as well as access specific ones. We present a comprehensive and rigorous user study on two real-life datasets, demonstrating the usability advantages of the novel approaches.

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Article number104169
JournalJournal of Biomedical Informatics
StatePublished - 1 Oct 2022


  • Classification
  • Temporal knowledge discovery
  • Temporal pattern discovery
  • Temporal pattern visualization
  • Time intervals mining

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